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Tupac Articles Description
The Shooting Compton Police believe they know the killer
Letter from Pac's Father Letter Pac's father wrote to him the night of the shooting
Makaveli: The Legend Article on how 2pac lives on thru his music.
Killuminati About the meaning of Killuminati
Reactions to His Death His friends, enemies, rivals, talking about his death!
Story of his Bodyguard Tupac's bodyguard recounts the night of the shooting
Drivers Story Time Magazine article about Suge Knight & Tupac's Death
Sweatin' Bullets Vibe article on the New York Shooting
This Thug's Life Vibe biography up to the New York Shooting
His new fans About his fans after his death
Suge Speaks Suge Knight speaks about Tupac and the shooting
Snapped The day Tupac went over the edge.