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Interview with Angie Martinez

[Tupac]: I'm playin' a soldier thats all. Just like KRS-One, he called himself
God. I ain't calling me God. I'm just one doing my part on where I think hip hop should go. Everybody else doing there thing on where hip hop should go....I think hip hop should be about more money, crazier sounds, different beats MORE MONEY. Cause wit more money we could do something for the communities that these hip hop artists are coming out of.

[Angie]: That's a positive thing.

[Tupac]: By getting more artists on part singing we could go into more coffee shops and do more performances. We've been performing this shit since the 70's. Ya know what I mean? Lets get some papers,get some buildings, get some community centers. Ya can't do that without money.

[Angie]: Okay, so... but do you think thats gonna, I mean do you think that its gonna be boom take care of your business, boom its over, boom everything is happily ever after? You know when you attack somebody and they attack you back, you attack them, they attack y...
[note: Angie did not get a chance to complete the word "you" since
she pissed Tupac off!]

[Tupac]: That's why I don't attack! You think I'm gonna smack these niggas? I ain't smacking these niggas.

[Angie]: I think by you saying that...

[Tupac]: [really heated] Do you see me running into Bad Boy wit a gun? Does it look like I'm doing drive-bys on these niggas? No...I'm not that nigga, I..... Fa real I don't give a f-ck if nobody understands but I'm a soldier.

[Angie]: But it's affecting other people though. That's the problem.

[Tupac]: [almost yelling] Other people need to just know that life's a bitch!

[Angie]: [laughing]

[Tupac]: Sometimes this shit, this shit I mean, damn life's a bitch and
sometimes ya know what? It get hot. What they thought they were just gonna make millions and there wasn't gonna be no problems? You wanna be in the rap game, hustle for it, fight for this shit just like I had to do. I done took bullets and went ta jail for this rap shit, done caught cases and got sued and paid millions for this rap shit. About a muthaf-cka being uncomfortable cause I'm doing my thing, I don't give a f-ck for real.

Spring 1996 |  Hot 96