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Bad Azz and Gonzoe speak on Tupac

Bad Azz: Well, to start, Tupac- he was like one of my major inspirations.
You know what i'm sayin'? I still listen to his music everyday. It keeps me going, it makes me wanna continue as a rapper because there's so much drama involved in the music game, it's like sometimes ya wanna quit- you wanna give it up, but, like somebody once told me in the streets, he passed me the baton as well as the other lot of young niggas out there that's, you know what i'm sayin', pursuin' the same thing. So what we doin' is we just carry on the thug life, you know what i'm sayin', as far as the special dayz, like the day of his death and his birthday, which we celebrated, like, we celebrate Tupac every day.

Exactly. This is sort of like a religion for us. Thug Life sh-t,
you know what i mean? it's like... niggas, we don't have nuthin' else......

Bad Azz:
Thats it.

Gonzoe:That's it, this is as good as it gets.

Bad Azz: Thats right

Gonzoe: You know seein' the game at the highest level for him, my homeboy, ain't nobody sold as many records as him, in this rap game, on one album. He was seein' the game at the highest level, i don't see the game at that level, and I ain't affected. So it's like, this is as good as it gets for me. I'm just waitin' for my turn, and you know...... Hopin' i'll survive, and that ain't even easy. You know what i'm sayin.

Question: So like, what did you do for his birthday?

Bad Azz:
We were just smokin' and drinkin' , listenin' to the radio and I called
in and requested a song with me and 'Pac that we did for my album thats comin' out in September. So they bumped that. We heard alot of old stuff that moved us when he was here, so you know what i'm sayin'? We just smoked, pour out a little liquor. You know what i'm sayin'? thats about it, you know what i'm sayin'?

Mmmmhmmm.... Got drunk, messed with some girls, reminisced,
you know what I'm sayin'? stayed happy all day instead of bein' sad...

Bad Azz: Exactly

Gonzoe: .... and all gloomy and sh-t. We celebrated for real

Bad Azz: lots of laughter and smiles, you know what i'm sayin'?
no tears, just reminiscin'....

Gonzoe: Well everyday is Tupac day, like you[Bad Azz] said.

Bad Azz: Yeah, those dats especially, like i said, birthday, death day,
thats special, but it's a everyday thing, you know what i'm sayin'?. I don't have a good day if i don't wake up on some Tupac.

Gonzoe: Yeah, listening to Tupac, you know what i mean? it's like, I was
telling before you got here, this hit is like, you know what i'm sayin'?,
He gives you back a piece of your life everyday. if you listen to some Pac it's
gonna get you thru that stretch. He's gonna say something that you gotta
relate to like "Damn, you still bugging, f-ck that, i'm gonna keep my head up,
stick my chest out and work this shit real quick." Everytime i feel like giving up, i think about somebody that did it and had a worse situation than i had and succeeded, or made it. Look at that sh-t, it's priceless, you know what i'm sayin'? you could always find that in Pac regardless if you having problems with your baby or mama you broke the spot, you know what i'm sayin'? Like you know, I've been there, every problem, 'cept maybe mama problems...

November 1998 | Fresh!