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Gridlock'd Interviews
Taken from various interviews with people invovled with Gridlock'd

Tim Roth on 2Pac:

He was actually the straight man in the film. The solid guy. My character was all over the place and he was like my dad in the film. He was constantly having to watch my back because I am always getting myself in trouble saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.

That as on screen but were those positions in reverse in real life?

A little bit. Yeah.

I first met Pac before he was cast. He wanted to play the part of Spoon and he said to them, if he hasn't seen any of my movies, don't let him see my movies, and if he hasn't listen to my music, then don't let him listen to my music and don't let him see my music videos. Let me meet him as I really am, not as my public person." And he walked in and I met this guy who was twenty five years old and he knew the character. It was a guy who wanted to do a great film. I used to quietly slide into his trailer during the day at some point when no one was around. I would kick back and have a beer and he would be sitting there writing, which was good. Good to see. He worked at it. His success was not a fluke. He was a poet. There as this big tough guy performance that goes on in him and I have never seen anybody so scared in all my life. We were in a back alley shooting the stabbing scene and there were rats running around. And he literally was terrified. He kept jumping up and down shouting, "Did you see that, that was a rat!!" It was like suddenly he was four years old and it made me laugh.

You guys bonded during the filming?

Yeah, the thing about working with any actor if you are working with such depth is you have to bond real quick and you have to keep it there. As much as I may have been pissed off with him everyday and he may have been pissed off with me, we had to reveal a lot about ourselves real quick as if our relationship had gone back years and we did that.

Preston Holmes (Co-Executive Producer, worked with Pac on "JUICE" and "GRIDLOCK´d")

"Big smile, he always had a big smile. He loved kids and my daughter was always with me and he had known her since she was a kid. He invited me to the set of his music video which was like a rappers convention, I mean everybody was in it. My daughter and her friend spent all day getting cute in these little outfits and I was not going to let them leave the house dressed like that. They wouldn't listen so finally I gave in. We got to the set and Tupac took one look at them and said, "What are you doing dressed like that. Ya´ll had better go home and put some clothes on." And he was serious. It was typical of who he was.

Erica Huggins (Producer)

I was blown away by Tupac´s ability to bring his natural rhythm that's so prevalent in his music to the screen. He was a poet. 

Damian Jones (Producer)

Initially everybody was nervous about Tupac, given his reputation. But he loved this film and by the end, everybody loved him.

Bokeem Woodbine (Mud)

I really feel that in years to come music and cinema of today will be considered a renaissance era of sorts and I think he was on the forefront of a lot of that. People will look back and say that Tupac was a true renaissance magician.

Jasen Govine (Medical Security Guard)

I was nervous because it was my first scene in a movie and it was with Tim Roth and Tupac. After we shot it Tupac came over and said, "That was very funny" and then he smiled. I´ll always remember that moment.

Howard Hesseman (Blind man)

Gridlock'd, the title, refers to a situation where there is not enough space and too many people fighting for not enough space. This is what Tupac's death seems to be about.