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Interview with Mike Tyson about Tupac
These are some questions (about Tupac) from a Mike Tyson interview.

Interviewer: You've been involved in the rap music scene for some time. Apparently you were good friends with Tupac Shakur.What do you remember most about him?

Tyson: Misplaced loyalty. He was around people who were into drugs, but that wasn't who he was. He was a good person. He got a lot of bad rap - I've never seen a good rapper with a good image. They're good guys though.

Interviewer: Did you and Tupac have serious talks?

Tyson: Yeah, we spoke. I was older than him and I was always telling him to be cool, to be mellow. I'm thinking I'm trying to be the cool guy, trying to chill him out. But in reality, I never listened to what the man had to say.

Interviewer: What exactly were you trying to tell him?

Tyson: Just about being a man. We talked about people hurting him,not treating him good. He could'nt understand why, when he was doing bad,somebody couldn't help him.

Interviewer: Did Shakur seem violent?

Tyson: I don't know nothing about that. He shot somebody, he got shot too. So I don't know if he's violent or if it was self defense. Who knows.